Injetoras América

Machines for non-ferrous metals pressure casting
IACF Model: 300 to 1600T

Electric Section

The machine is PLC-controlled, providing full control of its movements and speeds, which makes the change of dies faster and more accurate.
All the components that make up the electric section are high-quality materials, providing full control with high efficiency and reliability.


Injection Group with 3 speed stages and 1 pumping (pressure multiplier) stage; all stages feature settings for triggering position, stages' speed and pumping pressure, making possible the injection of any part with quality.
All the injection settings are handled through the electric panel, which makes the setup faster and more accurate, ensuring its productivity even after the die change.

Closing System

Horizontal Closing: the closing movement is made with coupling rods with hydraulic activation, which provides high levels of speed and smoothness all through the movement.
5-point closing: some of its features are robustness, high performance level and extended lifecycle.
The entire closing system is made with high-quality materials, properly treated and identified, making it 100% reliable.

Hydraulic System

All the hydraulic components have high quality, which ensures low energy cost and low noise level.
All the movements are regulated by proportional pressure and flowing valves, providing accurate settings, with high repeatability.


The machine has safety in all its movements.
We work with all the forms of electric, hydraulic and mechanical safety.
We comply with the Brazilian and European safety regulations.

Technical Assistance

Specialized and permanent, via phone and e-mail, providing all the support needed.

Technical Specifications

Retrofiting / Reforms

We can modernize your machine so that it works with a higher reliability level and less maintenance breaks, using first-quality materials, such as Parker Hannifin, Schneider Electric, Busak Shamban, among others. Qualified machining to service any type of service needed.

. Partial Reforms
. Closing
. Injection
. Repair of Hydraulic Cylinders
. Parts manufacturing according to drawings
. PLC panels installation
. Columns manufacturing and repair

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. Our machines are registered with the BNDES.

. Extensive funding by FINAME


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